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"The State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE activities for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirement. This activity may qualify for up to 2 hours, all of which is professional responsibility (ethics), toward your annual CLE requirement for the State Bar of Arizona. May qualify in most other states as CLE, check with your State Bar, or check this site which provides information on each State Bar's requirements for accepting online out-of-state CLE.

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Within a few minutes after I posted an article I had written about the Patriot Act on my website, it showed up as the #1 result in a Google news search for "Patriot Act." What is this social media secret? Part of it is including a photo next to my article; Google loves photos next to articles. You'll have to watch the seminar to learn the rest!

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Everyone needs a presence in social media today. Whether it is politics, a hobby, or your business, you must have a presence in this merging area of media and social interaction. Five years ago no one was using facebook, twitter, or youtube. Today there is no excuse if you are not. Our team of experienced professionals at Right Now Social Media, LLC can customize a plan that will work for you in whatever industry you need at the most competitive prices. We differ from other social media services -  due to our extensive hands-on personal involvement in the trenches and history of successfully using social media to influence campaigns and elections.

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Social media now encompasses part of every area your business needs, and its overlap is continuing to expand. 

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